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Welcome to the MP3 vault -- the only place to get live bootlegs, studio outtakes, and other Campilongo rarities.

Patrick Stewart's Cowboy Classics

Link Wray's Girlfriend - Steve Yerkey, from the album Metaneonatureboy (2005)

I was fortunate enough to play with Steve in the 90's in San Francisco. Great memories and fun shows. This track I guested and played "lead" guitar in 2005 during a brief San Francisco visit. I think Will Bernard is on there too... I love this track and believe me, one feels a sense of pressure when the tune has "Link Wray" in the title! This album is available for purchase. Hope you like it.

Love is a Stranger - Martha Wainwright

This is "Love is a Stranger" from Martha Wainwrights album "I Know You're Married But I've Got Feelings Too" (2008) - I loved playing with Martha -- she always gave 100%, even at soundcheck! I enjoyed every second of playing music with her, and her great band. This track was only released on the UK version of the the album, that is available on iTunes and Amazon.

Laula Kuolleesta Rakastetusta from the Finnish version of "Heaven is Creepy" on Terravox

In 2006 a Finnish label released a Finnish version of "Heaven is Creepy". In addition to changing the song order- they asked us to record a popular song in Finland "Laula Kuolleesta Rakastetusta" . I'm told this was a famous song from a popular movie (can't recall the name) about a lover dying. Kind of like "Love Story" I guess. I could never pronounce the title but every time we played it, the crowd would go nuts. It was a strange yet oddly fufilling experience since I barely knew the tune, even when I played it! Tim Luntzel on bass, Dan Rieser on drums. Thank you Terravox!

Hillbilly Dinner Jazz - 10 Gallon Cat's at Live at the Starry Plough Berkeley, California 1998

I completely forgot I wrote or played this song until it came up on an i-tunes shuffle last week. I can hear the obvious "Speedy and Jimmy" influence on my writing. I think we played it 8 times and dropped it. Probably because we couldn't hear ourselves playing a ballad at our 3 year year Thursday residency at the "Above Paradise" from the constant grunge bands playing downstairs simultaneously! Ken Owen - Drums, Chris Kee - Bass, Joe Goldmark - Pedal Steel Guitar

Jim Campilongo Electric Trio - Heaven Is Creepy "Wah Wah Jam"
with Mark Guiliana (Drums) and Chris Morrissey (Bass)

Prior to meeting Josh Dion, as a present to myself, I booked studio time at Bedford Studios in February 2013. It was a productive recording day. We have hours of jamming but "Heaven is Creepy was the only trio recording with any predetermined song form. I'm very happy with how it came out.

Additionally we recorded "Suppose" at the end of the day after everyone left - that is the version that ended up on Dream Dictionary.

I almost included this version of Heaven Is Creepy on Dream Dictionary but the version with Josh Dion and Chris Morrissey won out. No regrets, but I like this enough to share it.

Jim Campilongo Electric Trio - Chelsea Bridge
with Richard Hammond (bass) and Tony Mason (drums). This Billy Strayhorn tune was recorded "live" at the Living Room Feb 12 2007.

Jim Campilongo Electric Trio - Michelle
This version of "Michelle" was recorded live in New York City's Living Room in August 2003. Tim Luntzel has a rare recorded appearence playing electric bass, and Dan Rieser is on drums. Although the version of "Michelle" on American Hips has some nice moments, personally I prefer the spirit and sonic "low fidelity" of this version.

Check out the Jim Campilongo Trio at the Living Room (on Ludlow and Stanton) every Monday Night from 11pm to 1 am.

Jim Campilongo and Steve Cardenas - Joe and Joanne
Steve and I recorded this in 2004 at "Fluid" in New York City with Andrew Sherman producing. Basically we recorded about 20 acoustic tracks for Andrew to have in his library for possible commercial usage. An hour into the session Andrew requested "something up", but unfortunately Steve and I had run out of uptempo material. When I informed Andrew of the shortage he smiled and said "make something up!". So we did. After about 2 minutes of writing and preparation Steve and I came up with "Joe and Joanne". Compositionally it occasionally ventures into a strange places, but it makes me smile every time I hear it...

The Jim Campilongo Band - Fade to Black
I wrote this song for Bobby Black in 1998 and until a few days ago, completely forgot about it. I assume it's one of the first times we ran through it because I'm calling out hunch is we were playing a show at Bruno's in SF. Bobby Black can bring a tune to life and despite some mistakes and audio problems, I'm so lucky to have this recording of Mr Black playing my song.

Jim Campilongo Band - Hamster Wheel
This version of Hamster Wheel almost made it to Live at the Du Nord -- I don't remember why we didn't put it on because it sounds pretty good to me.

The Jim Campilongo Band - Sweet Dreams
This was an outtake from the "Live At The DuNord" record. It has a nice vibe.

Jim Campilongo Band - Sore Thumb
Another outtake from Table for One which almost made it on Heavy.

Jim Campilongo Band - Yesterday's News
This is a track Kurt Stevenson and I wrote and recorded in 2001 with Daryn Roven engineering. I wrote the melody and changes, Kurt wrote and sang the lyric. I've always loved this track because the band (Andrew Borger, Chris Kee, Bobby Black, Kurt and I) learned it and recorded it one or two takes and I feel the energy of that process. The other thing I appreciate is how ambitious my songwriting was then - this is no standard "country" song! I remember being really influenced by Nashville producer/songwriter Billy Sherrill and I hear his strong influence on me. Anyway, over the years I've occasionally played this track for folks and nobody seems to like it as much as I do. Oh well... By the way, that's Norah Jones singing background vocals on the very day I met her for the first time.

Brandi Shearer - All I have Left of You
This track isn't a bootleg and is available on Brandi's wonderful record "Close to Dark" (Amazon). I post it here because I like the track and I was very pleased with my guitar playing and the solo. I modeled my solo and accompaniment after a Robert Fripp guitar track, "Evening Star" from a Brian Eno record "Music for Airports".

Jim Campilongo and the Ten Gallon Cats - Buddies Boogie (mp3, 4.8MB)
I don't know where this was recorded (maybe the Starry Plough?) but it's a pretty good Buddies Boogie... Joe Goldmark on Pedal Steel, Chris Kee on Bass and Kenny Owen on Drums

Van Riff - Knee Deep In The Blues
This tune is from a great but short-lived band that played with a fine singer whose talent equalled the coolness of his name. This band kicked around the Bay Area in the early 90s until disbanding.

Van Riff - Tears From a Lifetime
This is another track from the Van Riff demo cassette. Yes, the singers name is Van Riff. This was way back "in the day" and we recorded 5 songs and produced 500 cassettes for $1000! Since the band didn't have much money, a generous student Mark Jones put up $500 (thanks again Mark, wherever you are) and my mom & dad put up the other $500. Although I helped Van write this song and contributed to the music side of things quite a bit, I believe this was the first song Van ever wrote and his lyric is totally great & moving... to this day, I'm completely in awe of this. Van Riff, I tip my hat to you.

Music for Bridgestone Tires -- The Wheel Goes Round
These are three versions of a Bridgestone Tire Ad I did for Music For Picture. I don't have much info but I do know the *first* and *last* version are tracks that were picked and were given airplay. Track three has become such a popular jingle that Bridgestone Tire made a "Teddy Polar Bear" that plays this song upon pulling the string in it's neck. For some reason, not really known to me, this Teddy Bear experience was in the top five all-time thrills of my career! I heard this song during the 2004 World Series, for once I'm glad I didn't mute!

Jim Campilongo - Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini (Music For Picture)

Jim Campilongo -- Music for Jack Daniels