Sonic Tele

TrueFire Presents - a Master Class with 195 minutes of video instruction - “Sonic Tele”


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“An American treasure.” -BILLBOARD
If you own a Telecaster, you’re already downloading James Campilongo’s new Sonic Tele course and are now only reading this description to calm your fervor.
“One of the most innovative, creative, and interesting guitarists of our time.” -TONEQUEST
“...the only teacher better then Jim is Jesus!"
- Chuck Campbell (Campbell Bros. - Sacred Steel)
Big fans of James Campilongo’s guitar genius, won’t even bother to read this. They’re now staring at the progress bar on their desktops, willing it to go faster, the door to their practice rooms locked for the duration in anticipation.
“Campilongo is one of those New York secrets. A master of the electric guitar, he weaves in spaghetti western picks, blues chords and jazz refs into his haunting tunes.” -NEW YORK POST
There’s extraordinary reactivity whenever one is exposed to James Campilongo. If you’re a music critic, you’ll write very nice things about James Campilongo. If you’re a music aficionado, you’ll tell all your friends about James Campilongo. If you're a musician, you’ll want to share the stage or studio with James Campilongo. And if you’re a guitarist, you’ll want to learn anything and everything you can from James Campilongo. That's where we come in…
“I saw the baddest Telecaster player on the planet last night, his name is James Campilongo. He had that plank talking and squawking, from a whispered melody to an oncoming train.” -PUREMUSIC
TrueFire is thrilled to welcome James to the family because he is also a passionate, articulate and celebrated educator who takes great joy in passing on not only what he’s learned from his own mentors, but is also generous enough to share many of his own highly unique moves and creative approaches.
“To say Campilongo is a unique guitar player is like saying James Brown is funky. His playing is totally original and keeps growing. And the beautiful thing is that he seems to be getting more and more unique.” -VINTAGE GUITAR
You'll certainly learn many signature Campilongo guitaristics but Sonic Tele is not just about that. James wanted to also provide students with a full palette of techniques and approaches that they can apply immediately in their own playing.
“Campilongo is a man of many moods, and a guitarist who can express them all.” -SAN FRANCISCO MAGAZINE
"I’ll show you a variety of unique playing styles, which I hope will inspire and help you become a more versatile, more expressive guitarist. While the course does focus on exploiting some of the unique tonal characteristics associated with Tele-style guitars, most of the exercises, techniques and etudes will still sound great on any guitar!" James organized Sonic Tele into two sections. In the first section, James presents 10 key concepts and techniques that he himself draws on frequently in his own playing and which he also believes will have the greatest impact on your own creativity and expressive abilities: Right Hand Technique, Bending Techniques, Behind the Nut Bending, Using the Tuning Pegs, Steel Guitar Chords, Using Harmonics, Tone and Volume Swells, Bending The Neck, Improvisational Approach and Sonic Quality.
“Campilongo, this dude is a gunslinger. Wrenching his Tele, scratching out Hank Garland and Speedy West licks with total ease and beauty, ripping out a version of Harlem Nocturne (with the late Danny Gatton looking down and smiling, no doubt) and rolling out every Roy Nichols/Don Rich/Grady Martin lick ever recorded. I was totally won over! I didn't pick up my own guitar for a week.” -BAM Magazine
In the second section, James guides you through an engaging and thoroughly revealing series of Performance Studies where you'll apply the key learnings from the first section over rhythm tracks (pulled from his albums with the Electric Trio and the Ten Gallon Cats): Country Train, Twister, Slow Tic Toc, Blues for Roy, B Flat Blues, Nang Nang, C to G7 Moves, Jim's Blues, Finger Puppet Mayhem, Awful Pretty, Pretty Awful and Tony Mason Jam. Everything is tabbed and notated, plus you'll get all of the rhythm tracks to work with on your own. James will first perform the study over a rhythm track and then break it down for you in detail, demonstrating many additional concepts and techniques along the way. James will show you applications for whole tone, diminished and open string ideas; Chet Atkins and Les Paul inspired rhythm and lead lines; playing over changes; Juliani classical exercises for the right hand; pull offs and chicken pickin’; superimposing jazz chords over a progression; harmonic overtones; bends of varying degrees; contrary motion licks; diminished phrases; triple stops; open string phrases; and sweep picking applications.
“His supple moves can keep an audience enthralled - meaning their asses wiggle and their minds jiggle. Few connect the dots between jazz and twang like this guy.” -VILLAGE VOICE
Hopefully, you’re not still reading this description because whatever your level, whether or not you play a Tele, and whether or not you play country, blues or jazz guitar — James Campilongo’s Sonic Tele will trigger extraordinary reactivity on your fretboard. Click it...