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Nang Nang Tab Q
  • Im a wee bit confused by 2nd chart in the attached file. In the first it looks like hybrid picking the 3 notes. In the second I'm not sure what is required. Is that also hybrid picking of a small bar and the D and Bb? Thanks for any help! Loving learning this song!

    Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 12.33.56 PM.png 67K
  • In the graphs you posted I don't see hybrid picking suggested- I see a slash indicating the top 3 strings are played on what can be called C6 and C9. Am I missing something? In any event- How you pick is your call. Me? I use hybrid on that - Pick, Middle, Ring. Flatpicking is legitimate and good there too- if that's more comfortable.

    Thanks for ordering the lesson! -Jim

  • Just got caught up in the visual and over thought it. Thanks for your response!

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