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Opinions Appreciated
  • I'm working on the Bb Blues and beginning to look to my next adventure. I'll eventually come back to complete F jazz blues but am wanting to try a style I've never played before. The 3 courses I'm looking at are Nang Nang, Country Soul and Chet's song. I'm wondering if any of them is more challenging than the others. Thoughts?
  • I've gone through Chet Song and Nang Nang.

    I really liked them both, and would recommend either. I'd say Nang Nang is more challenging to master, but Chet Song may give you more ideas to explore and make your own. You really can't go wrong.
  • Thanks dougg. I like you're rationale and I'll likely end up doing both in the long run. I've got Jim's Truefire course as well so could explore Nang Nang a bit through it.
  • No problem - happy to help. I should add on Nang Nang - it may be more difficult to master, but it should certainly boost your chops and give you some good ideas.
  • Where was the difficulty with Nang? I guess it would sound best if one was Jim!
  • Not too difficult - definitely doable. Some of the behind the nut bends were tricky, as well as the faux steel bends (doing that while manipulating the tone knob was new to me). You should give it a go!
  • From that list- Nang Nang is the most demanding, but totally doable.

    Thank you for asking and thanks to all who contributed to this thread!
  • Thanks Jim and dougg, I'm going to give it a go. I want to stretch a bit and it was one of the first songs that drew me to Jim's work.
  • I downloaded Nang Nang and opened the tab while listening to the description. I've got a question on the very first diagram in which Jim uses bend and release. The direction of the arrow has me confused. Could someone step by step me through this move?

    Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 11.50.39 AM.png 124K
  • vashondan - Did you download the Tab Primer?

    The circle represents the pitch that is pre-bent (G#) by the arrow that indicates dropping the bend ("R" for release) down to the 3rd finger (G). And that's after C on the 13th fret 2nd string. You'll hear it.

    It's daunting if you've never seen or experienced this tab before, but you'll get the hang of it. And use your ear- it will become easy and intuitive.

    Thank you for ordering the lesson!

  • The ear wins. Thanks Jim.

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