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Soloing over Rhythm Changes
  • Hi Jim,
    some weeks ago I checked out your lesson on Rhythm Changes.
    As always, your teaching is absolutely amazing.
    Since I still find it really complicated playing meaningful stuff on the Changes, I'd lijke to ask you some advice.
    The chords seem to flow too fast, not giving time to think to intelligent melodies of some sort...
    Is there any tip you'd like to share with us (breaking the tune into pieces, transcribing some particular inspiring solo and so on)?
    Thanks for your kind attention.
    All the best!
  • If ever faced with that situation I try to play the changes of a tune REALLY slows with a metronome and just pay the arpeggio of each chord with no chromatics, slurs, dynamics, color tones etc.

    In the beginning always starting on the root to help learn the song really well. After doing it for a while I usually feel a little more confident with the changes at faster tempos.

    If you run into a difficult section, isolate it and focus on it for a bit before going back to the whole form.

    Hope this helps!
  • telegianni - Thank you for ordering the lesson. All those changes are a lot to think about - Both Jimmie Rivers and Adam Levy suggested thinking I V I V I V I V etc. (in the key of Bb - Bb F7 etc) I know it works for them and it really helped me play, instead of thinking.
  • Hi Jim, sorry for the delay.
    Could you please add a little more detail on the I V approach?
    It sounds interesting but mysterious :-)
    Thanks a bunch!
  • Hi Gianni - It's easier to hear it, then read it- alternate playing the Bb7 scale one bar- and the F7 scale one bar over Bb7/Bdim7/Cm7/F7/Dm7/G7/Cm7/F7/Fm7/Bb7/EbMa7/Ebm7/Dm7/G7/Cm7/F7/ Feel free to incorporate blues licks and chromaticism.
  • Thanks a lot Jim!
    @cwilliams: great video! Thanks for sharing
  • The material discussed in this thread is thoroughly explained and I appreciate you posting it Mr Williams. You are a gem on the discussion site ... but while watching I became impatient- I think the generous, thoughtful and knowledgeable instructor talks too much.

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