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Neck-bending vibrato on quarter-sawn Maple necks
  • Hi Campy Forum People,

    I'm just starting out here. I wanted to start a thread / ask a question about neck bending vibrato. I find this kind of vibrato to be beautiful sounding and, for me, it's one of the principal reasons to own a guitar with an all maple neck -- as this kind of vibrato seems to resonate and sustain most on an all maple board.

    My question for those of you out there who might have the answer, or might have experience is: Does quarter-sawn maple work as well as regular flat-sawn maple for this kind of vibrato? I know quarter-sawn is said to be stiffer. If it was too stiff i can see this hindering the bending. I know the campy CS tele has quarter sawn. Has anyone played a quarter sawn maple neck and done this kind of vibrato?

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences if you have them.
  • Welcome to the forum!

    I can't help out -sorry...

    Happy new year! -Jim
  • Hi Jim and everyone reading!
    I wanted to open a new topic, but it seems to me that it might be appropriate to ask here:

    I just wanted to know some random toughts on maple neck vs rosewood "neck" (RSW fratboard actually).
    Jim, you seem to prefer maple necks on your Telecasters: if it's correct what leads you toward this choice and... which remarkable differences do you find?

    One of the reasons I ask is also because on my strats I tend to prefer rosewood, but on the Telecaster I really like maple :-) is it Odd?


  • I have two electric guitars. One with maple neck and one with rosewood. Very different guitars so I can't compare the sounds but for whatever reason I find the maple necked guitar easier to see than the rosewood necked guitar. Black dots on white vs white dots on dark i guess.

    Personally I wouldn't get too hung up about this.


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