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Partcaster (Campycaster project)
  • Hi Everyone,

    Some months ago I started this project for a new Tele, heavily inspired in Jim's famous 59, and in this forum's great information.

    So I got this MJT body (swamp ash) with light relic. A roasted maple (unfinished) neck, from Allparts. I put in a five Truoil passes with a rag, and light sanding in between. The neck feels very nice, not sticky and very woody. I live in Buenos Aires, where the humidity is around 70-90 % most days, and this neck behaves great, with no noticeable movement.

    Glendale neck plate, jack and double cut bridge, toplader of course! (with Wilkinson compensated saddles). Gotoh tuners. Bone nut.

    Electronics: 4 way switch set by Emerson (the volume and tone controls are super light responsive, great for trying Jim's swells). Just switched the Nocasters and put a set of Curtis Novaks pickups, I asked Curtis for Jim's sound (specially the non-icepick bridge sound), and he sent me these JC pickus. Curtis really nailed it, the bridge pickup is incredible, very warm. I now love to play in the middle position, it sounds amazing.

    Some pics here. Hope you like it!




    IMG_0349.JPG 63K
    campycaster1.jpg 85K
    campy4.jpg 27K
    campy2.jpg 36K
    campy3.jpg 35K
  • Wow! Gorgeous project--that is a wonderful neck. Great grain on it, too. It's hit-or-miss sometimes with Allparts and you got a hit!
    Novak pickups, good choice. Glad you asked him, too, for what you were looking for.
    --Will the Thrill
  • That looks great! Congrats!
  • That neck looks amazing! The whole thing is gorgeous.
  • Beautiful! I've always had good luck with Allparts necks but have yet to try their roasted maple. Glad to see yours came out so good.
  • Thanks for the comments!
  • That is lovely! What color did you order to get that shade for the body? I have built about ten different partscasters but have only held onto two of them. I have a tele with an MJT body and an Allparts TMO-Fat neck. Lollar T in the bridge and I forget which neck pickup. I gathered all of the parts up used and when it came together, it was the best build I had ever done! To me, that's what is especially fun about partscasters....you never know how they will build up. Some are great right off the bat and some need endless tweaking.
    IMG_3853.jpg 55K
  • Hi jaz761, thank you. I bought the body from Reverb, the color and paint was described as: "Blonde Nitro closet clean finish, light to regular checking".
    I agree, gathering the parts and dreaming the build is pure fun. This neck is 10" radius, "modern C", I believe. I think I'll try to get a similar neck for a strat partscaster I have set with a neck I took from a Fender American Special, which is too thin for my taste.
    Your partscaster looks very nice!
  • Very, very nice!
  • Awesome !!! very very beautifull.

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