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Has anyone worked on "here I am" yet?
  • I've barely scratched the surface, but it appears to be a walkdown from g to g, a harmonized minor scale?
  • This is a really beautiful song. I hadn't worked on this song at all, but your post inspired me to do so! I haven't spent much time with it yet, so pardon any mistakes in my transcription of the guitar part (I hope the photo I uploaded works).

    The structure of the song seems to be a basic 12-bar blues in G with some interesting harmonization. I think Jim is playing a descending line of dyads that ultimately lead to a G major chord. If you look at bar 2, you see a chromatic walkdown in the bass notes from C to G with harmonized thirds above them. This same walkdown is repeated throughout the song (in bars 6 and 10) and the notes differ slightly in bars 1, 5, and 9 to imply the I-IV-V chord changes of the 12-bar blues. A G7 (I) chord is implied in bar 1. A C7 (IV) chord is implied in bar 5. And a D7 (V) chord is implied in bar 9.

    Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 9.19.45 AM.png 25K
  • AJoffe - that's basically it- good job! Almost everything is played on strings 5 & 4 and there is a open G between all doublestops.
  • Thanks Jim! I'm glad to hear I wasn't totally off base. This is a lovely song that I've been humming all day.

  • Thanks to both of you!! I've been listening to Dream Dictionary at work, and Live at Rockwood at home!

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