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C10N Speaker Replacement
  • Hello, I'm looking to get a speaker that's as close to a Jensen C10N as possible for my 65 PRRI. From what I've been able to research the Eminence Lil Buddy, or Weber 10F150T (50w version) would be the closest things spec wise. Though the Weber has a heavier 40 oz. magnet.
    Anyone have any experience with these in a Princeton? Also wondering what difference magnet weight has on tone/sound?
  • The Weber. I don't know how close the Lil Buddy would be... it's got a hemp cone.

    I had the Weber (altho not the "T" version- the PR has enough treble on it's on, especially if paired with a tele), and it did indeed sound like the stock C10R, just louder and better able to handle the bass frequencies.

    However, I think the Jensens sound much better after being well broken-in, so, like Jim, I lean towards speakers that already sound like that when new... he likes the G10 Vintage, my favorite was the G10 Greenback.
  • Thanks... I can't seem to see a lot of reviews of the Lil Buddy, so I'm curious. I would like to get a little more clean headroom than the C10R so the C10Q would be better by a small amount. Getting to the power of a C10N would be nice and still "stock correct" sounding. I worry about the Greenback or even the G10 Vintage making it too British sounding. I have a separate amp for that.
  • In that case, I'd go with the Weber 10F150, no question. You will definitely gain headroom AND volume.

    Hemp cones (the Lil Buddy) are warm, that's what hemp does. That's why I like hemp cones, they sound like a speaker that has been well-broken-in already... and they are so sturdy they don't change nearly as much tonally as paper cone speakers after break-in. They are more consistent. On a regular paper cone speaker, the tonal change is pretty evident. On a hemp cone, it's subtle. But again- they are warm, alot of people use hemp cones to warm up a bright amp. They do not sound like the Jensens of yesteryear.
  • Thanks! Now to get a Weber shipped up to Canada
  • Funny, I tried just about every speaker under the sun with my PRRI except the Weber. Of the ones I did try, my favorites were the Eminence Alessandro GA10-SC64 for Jensen/American-like sound and the Celestion G10 Gold for more British-like tone. But there are lots of great speakers nowadays. I'm sure you can't go wrong with the Weber.
  • I hadn't looked at the Alessandro before. The specs look interesting though I wish it was 50w instead of only 20w. I will look into it more. The G10 Gold would be a great speaker but that's a swap for a different amp for me.

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