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Hahn Campilongo model
  • Just saw the news that there is going to be Campilongo signature model from Hahn. I can't wait and hope that I will be able to get one. This news is very exciting especially considering that I have been looking for a new Tele.
  • Me too! I have been wanting a 'real' tele for some time (no offense to my beloved partscaster). I played a used Hahn 228 at a shop, (228 is how he designates his T-style guitars) and IT WAS AWESOME. But for the cost, I would've bought it.

    The price point sounds pretty do-able so I hope to learn more soon.
  • very cool! never heard of Hahn before, but those guitars look real nice! I pass Newburgh all the time, definitely going to check them out live and in the flesh next time i'm up that way. if they let me pre order a Campy, I am likely all in. might actually be too low a price, these will sell out faster than they can make them, is my guess. I'd expect the Fender Campy to increase in demand/value on the collector market as well, as a result (a good thing!). Remember those sold out too and they were triple the price!
  • Saw this as well - very excited to see it. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get one. Still kick myself for missing an opportunity to pick up one of the Fender Custom Shop models...
  • Yes! A Hahn Campy model will be awesome. Looking forward to seeing these available.
  • I ordered mine yesterday and spoke with Chihoe on the phone today. This is going to be a fantastic guitar! I can't wait to get mine.

    Thanks to Jim and Chihoe for making this happen!
  • Thank you Maggie- I'm happy for you and I think you'll love it. Please let us know!

    $1495 with free soft case and free shipping in the US. Information on the **Hahn Jim Campilongo Model C** at the link below....

    full guitar.JPG 27K
    IMG_2817.jpeg 21K
    IMG_2824.jpeg 19K
    IMG_3546.jpeg 26K
    IMG_5056.jpeg 16K
    IMG_8953.jpeg 18K
  • Had to save a bit, but just put my order in. Very excited to get it (Chihoe estimated 3 weeks).

    I may have gotten one of the last orders in, according to Chihoe, so if you’re on the fence, may want to act quick.

    He’s a super nice guy, too.
  • Chihoe is making my Model C right now! Oh my...I can't wait! I haven't seen a Hahn out-and-about in Nashville, yet, so it'll be nice to promote his work in town.
    Jim, thanks for all your collaboration work you put in to get this model going. I really can't believe how much quality is being squeezed into a guitar under $1500. Just goes to show what can be done.
    --Will the Thrill
  • Thank you Will! I hope you love it....
  • I am really looking forward to getting my Model C.

    Spoke with Chihoe couple of days ago. He said that he may begin shipping the Model Cs next week. (Or at least he said, give me a call next week.")

    He had just seen Jim's trio the night before in the city. What a fun guy to speak with; you talk to Chihoe and your excitement about the guitar increases. I'm very psyched about.
  • Great news! I didn't know he was only making a few of them.

    Jim, how about we get our Model C pickguards signed? :) That would mean the world to me to have that signature underhand!

    --Will the Thrill
  • I haven't been this giddy with anticipation since Christmas 1968, when I was sure that I was going to get the Matt Mason Moonbase!!!
  • "Jim, how about we get our Model C pickguards signed? :) That would mean the world to me to have that signature underhand!"

    Chihoe is 2 1/2 hours away but I believe he's coming over next week and I'll sign the back of the Model C pick guards... I think that's the best we can do with what we have time-wise and what we have to deal with logistically.

    Maggie- The Model C should be going out the next couple of weeks. I have my hands full here, but that's my impression.

    Thank you for ordering -I think you'll enjoy the instruments!

  • The anticipation builds ...

    I spoke with Chihoe yesterday. Each time I speak with him, he says “give me a call next week”. What’s cool about that is that I feel more and more connected to him and the process of building these guitars. I imagine when I eventually have the guitar, that feeling will transfer to the axe.

    Very exciting.
  • I ordered mine last weekend! A JC signed pick guard would be „the icing on the cake“, I must say.))

    As I live in Europe I need the guitar shipped at cost. Does anybody have recent experience on this? A few years ago I shipped a heavy National for USD 200,00 from NYC to Switzerland but now current estimates are north of USD 300,00 which seems rich. Thanks for any feedback.
  • Jim, man, signing the pickguard would mean so much :)

    What a cool world we live in, right? As much bad news as we hear, you then hear about some amazing people with talent and gifts like Jim and Mr. Hahn going above and beyond.

    I teach kids, and this will (gasp!) get play-time in my classroom for sure. What a great opportunity this is to have something hand-crafted that the kids can appreciate. Stuff like this is a seed planted for a later harvest, not a microwaved meal.

    --Will the Thrill
  • Will, if you go on Instagram and find Hahn guitars, you will see pic of Jim signing our pickguards. (And some other cool stuff. )

  • Awesome! Thank for the tip.
  • Sorry for the delayed response - I have been working crazy hours

    Chihoe was kind enough to make the two hour drive to Brooklyn so I could sign and number the back of the pickguards. Fun stuff!

    Thank you for ordering a Hahn Campilongo Model C - I think you'll be happy with it!

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