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Hahn Campilongo model
  • Just saw the news that there is going to be Campilongo signature model from Hahn. I can't wait and hope that I will be able to get one. This news is very exciting especially considering that I have been looking for a new Tele.
  • Me too! I have been wanting a 'real' tele for some time (no offense to my beloved partscaster). I played a used Hahn 228 at a shop, (228 is how he designates his T-style guitars) and IT WAS AWESOME. But for the cost, I would've bought it.

    The price point sounds pretty do-able so I hope to learn more soon.
  • very cool! never heard of Hahn before, but those guitars look real nice! I pass Newburgh all the time, definitely going to check them out live and in the flesh next time i'm up that way. if they let me pre order a Campy, I am likely all in. might actually be too low a price, these will sell out faster than they can make them, is my guess. I'd expect the Fender Campy to increase in demand/value on the collector market as well, as a result (a good thing!). Remember those sold out too and they were triple the price!
  • Saw this as well - very excited to see it. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get one. Still kick myself for missing an opportunity to pick up one of the Fender Custom Shop models...
  • Yes! A Hahn Campy model will be awesome. Looking forward to seeing these available.
  • I ordered mine yesterday and spoke with Chihoe on the phone today. This is going to be a fantastic guitar! I can't wait to get mine.

    Thanks to Jim and Chihoe for making this happen!
  • Thank you Maggie- I'm happy for you and I think you'll love it. Please let us know!

    $1495 with free soft case and free shipping in the US. Information on the **Hahn Jim Campilongo Model C** at the link below....

    full guitar.JPG 27K
    IMG_2817.jpeg 21K
    IMG_2824.jpeg 19K
    IMG_3546.jpeg 26K
    IMG_5056.jpeg 16K
    IMG_8953.jpeg 18K

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