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Chord Progressions and Voice Leading Course
  • Hi,

    I just went though the audio for the first time and have a question that isn't too silly but....Jim keeps mentioning chords with various notes "on top". I'm not seeing it. I thought he meant the lowest note but that doesn't work. What am I mission? Thanks, Dan
  • The note on top is the highest note in pitch within the chord. For example, if you strummed an open C "cowboy" chord, the note on top would be the high e. If you strummed an open Am "cowboy" chord, the note on top would also be the high e. The Voice Leading course has exercises to string chords together that share a high note to promote continuity, but mostly it just sounds good. Hope that helps.
  • Thanks for the response. I guess I confused it. He's saying on the bottom. Don't know where I got top from. So, he's referring to the root note.

    I was really confused. We're both right. In one instance he's describing the note on the bottom ( the root) and then as you described he refers to the note on top when referring to voice leading.

    OK, now back to the lesson. Thanks again!
  • Thanks for explaining- yes, it's the "top" note in pitch...
  • Thanks for responding Jim. I think the voice leading part of the course is a little above my pay grade right now. I generally understand the concept of voice leading but am not well versed in how many variety of chord voicings result from changes in the pedal tone. I'll work on playing through them for a bit to see what unfolds in my understanding or ability to apply the idea. The chord progression part was very helpful for me at this point in my journey.
  • The concept is basically "simple" and it helps the guitarist not think in "grips" but in terms of music. And we can leave those uninspired wanka wanka chord grips...
    I know this helped me greatly and that's why I share it -and I learned this while my pay grade was fairly low! ha ha Anyway- Keep at it and give yourself a chance to learn it.
    I might suggest playing the chords as written and trying to name the notes in the chord too... thank you for ordering the lesson and have a great day- Jim
  • Jim, thanks for sharing that. I like the way you put that ( thinking in terms of music) and that is a goal for me. Thinking that you were once at my pay grade gives me hope :-). I'll use you're suggestions and and persevere.

    By the way I've thoroughly enjoyed every lesson of yours that I've worked on. You're music is an inspiration and being able to engage with your work through the lessons is a joy. Dan

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