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The Accidental Partscaster
  • A few years ago I posted that my wife had given me an American Special for my birthday. Over time I began to change things here and there for various reasons. First I changed out the bridge and saddles (Callaham), later the pickups (Jeff Callahan), and finally today, I put on a Warmoth neck (boatback shape, compound radius, roasted maple, which doesn't need to be finished). Now it's a "new" guitar. It sounds beefier and the neck plays very nicely. I did mildly misplace the string tree, but I'm about to fix that. In the meantime, just in case anyone has any interest...

    2017-06-14 Tele Partscaster HDR.jpg 82K
  • Great - sorry that it's sideways - not sure how that happened.
  • Roasted maple neck- doesn't have to be finished? The whole thing is raw wood?
  • Yeah, I was nervous about that, even though they have a note about it on their website. So I called them just to make sure and sure enough, the roasting process apparently stabilizes the wood so that the finish isn't necessary. Now, you might like the finish, for look or feel reasons, but I thought I would give it a try. I'll probably want to oil it at some point.
  • Looks good brother!

    I used to use lighter fluid to remove the grime from an unfinished neck. It worked well, but my girlfriend told me I was crazy so I stopped doing it...

  • Naptha (lighter fluid) is used all the time by luthiers for exactly that. Naptha on! (if you want to...)

    The neck on your '59 (Jim) has gotten to the point where it almost looks like a ROSEWOOD neck in some pics! LOLimage
    IMG_1533.JPG 33K
  • Looks great! I used to have a roasted maple Strat neck. I loved that it didn't need to be finished, and it felt great. The one I got came from Musikraft, and it had a faint smell of maple syrup.
  • Thanks guys! I'm trying to cut down on sugar, so while I love the neck so far, I'm relieved that it doesn't smell like maple syrup. Can't be playing and thinking of pancakes at the same time!
  • My experience with the roasties are that , neck warbles are more difficult to execute for obvious reasons.
  • Really? Does roasting make them stiffer?

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