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George Barnes
  • George Barnes was a seminal guitarist and I share this version of All The Things You Are posted by his daughter


    My opinion is that he links the Eddie Lang and George Van Eps era to the electric swing, bop, country and rock times. He is a bridge, and so a bit forgotten because those who travel don't often look down.

    They should.

    He is great and that song above may appeal to those who enjoy Jim's music.

    Only a few folks make the electric guitar convey what means to be human - this guy does that.
  • Here is a great rock song by George (by George!)


    For those who like Jim's work, I highly recommend.

  • I have owned Country Jazz for a little while, but now I think it's time to purchase "At Home With Friends"- it's a jam session when Barnes was only 19 years old...

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